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chronic pain

Take a look down at your feet:

Which way do they point?
Are they straight ahead, parallel to one another or pointed out?
Take a walk. Do your feet remain straight ahead the entire time?

Your feet and knees are extensions of your hips. If they are out of alignment then so are your hips muscles. You are at risk for injury.


If you were positive on any of these tests than your body is displaying the signs of poor posture, misalignment, improper muscle function and joint position and, compensation. 

A body in compensation is not working correctly. A joint out of alignment is a grinding, twisting joint. After a long day of sitting or one-sided work, throwing the increased loadings of a physical workout onto an already chronically distressed joint will only hasten its demise.

Unless the body is retrained back to the healthy and correct position it requires, it is inevitable that the misalignment will reoccur.


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