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All treatment must begin with an assessment

The initial stages of treatment always begin with assessment. By quickly checking your body’s alignment and posture you can tell if your body has developed unhealthy compensations and poor posture. Poor posture not only takes away from esthetics, it compromises how we were designed to function, eventually leading to pain and/or injury. Your joints will move out of correct alignment and a joint out of alignment is a grinding, twisting joint. It’s only a matter of time until your body breaks down and you are injured and in pain.  

Check your upper body:

Stand in front of a mirror, relax, and look at your hands. Count how many fingers you can see on each hand without changing your position? Do you see 3, 4 or all 5?

You should only be able to see your thumb and index finger. Your palms should be parallel and facing your hips. You should not be able to see the backs of your hands. If you do then your shoulders have rounded forward and your elbows and hands have followed. You are at risk for injury.

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