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This survival mechanism, while temporarily helping you to ease your pain, will drive your body into compensation. Your body will seek to avoid your pain and thus will adopt movements and muscle patterns that will lead you into
poor posture, improper muscle function and, compensation. A body in compensation is not working correctly. Muscles and joints are no longer aligned and working properly.

If we try to correct this seemingly poor posture without identification of the painful structure and resolving the issue at the etiology, any attempts to correct posture and alignment will counter a higher principle, namely avoidance of pain, an immediate threat to the system and lead our body’s into new compensatory positions and postures.

But, this new body position is born of compensation, and thus is not healthy for your joints or muscles. So, eventually you experience new or increased levels of pain and a new compensation is needed. The compensations become self-perpetuating. Unless the body is retrained, it is inevitable that the misalignment will reoccur.

Thus we are left with the inescapable conclusion that it is not activity that is causing you pain, it is the body that you are bringing to the activity.


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