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Degeneration causes arthritic conditions - but what causes degeneration?

Repetitive motion did not cause your injury. This would imply injury that we hurt ourselves by moving a joint too many times in succession. But that’s IMPOSSIBLE because simple muscle fatigue sets in long before a healthy joint mechanism is damaged. What’s actually happening with pain and injuries is that un-stable joints, joints that have lost their proper alignment and position, are moving too many times. Under those circumstances any motion, let alone repetitive motion, is injurious. It’s just a matter of how fast the musculoskeletal systems break down. An ‘accident’ and injury will happen. The remedy is to stabilize the joints through proper muscle function, not surgically sedate or reconfigure them.


Whether it’s acute joint or muscular pain, sports injury, or the need for care after an operation or you are one of the millions of people who just want to live life everyday without pain, by taking part in a corrective exercise program at Body By Design you will become pain free and
productive all day long, everyday. Our priority is to relieve your pain and restore your quality of life.


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