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chronic pain

If age is the cause then why is one joint, in most cases, in a worse condition (more arthritic) than the other? Is one joint older than the other?

How is it possible that your favorite activity can cause deterioration of just one hip or knee joint (in most cases) knowing that you constantly use both limbs?

Do you experience tight muscles even though you stretch constantly?

Why doesn't everyone your age have arthritis and the same pain you do?

Why doesn't everyone with the same activity level also have the same joint conditions and pain? Why don’t ALL baseball pitchers have shoulder injuries? Why don’t ALL golfers experience back pain? Why don’t ALL computer operators have carpel tunnel syndrome?

If you have had a back injury you might wonder did the disk herniate or bulge in the first place? Why did it herniate to one side and not the other?

Why does the symptom appear on one side of the body but not the other?

Why are only certain areas of the body weak and vulnerable?

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