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Medical disciplines have developed a number of different methods for the treatment of muscle and joint pain. Almost all of them are directed in one way or another at relieving the symptom, pain. Unfortunately most of these treatments fail to address the underlying cause and so relief is frequently incomplete and temporary and symptoms and pain return when the underlying biomechanical dysfunction re-injures the body.

Buying new shoes, using orthotics or braces, running on a softer surface, and taking up a
low-impact sport are the wrong answers. Surgery, cortisone shots, and braces only serve to temporarily suppress the symptom or shift the pain somewhere else. You must re-train the body back to its correct postural alignment and muscle function, or it is inevitable that the damaging misalignments and pain will reoccur.

It is not "old age”, ‘arthritis’ playing your sport, being overweight, gardening, running, walking
or any of life’s activities that has caused your pain.


If you think it is then ask yourself the following important questions >>


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