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Buying new shoes, using orthotics or braces, running on a softer surface, and taking up a
low-impact sport are the wrong answers. Surgery, cortisone shots, and braces only serve to temporarily suppress the symptom or shift the pain somewhere else. The remedy is to stabilize the joints through proper muscle function, not use medication to tranquilize the area or surgerically reconfigure it. You must re-train the body back to its correct postural alignment and muscle function, or it is inevitable that the damaging misalignments and pain will reoccur.

Body By Design therapy not only helps athletes to recover from injuries quickly, but also helps them prevent injuries from happening in the first place by re-structuring the muscular system and re-aligning the joints. By correcting the muscular imbalances a Body By Design treatment can make immediate changes to structural alignment and posture, joint position and muscle function, which, in turn, will reduce the stress on joints and tissues, set up an environment for healing in the body and allow you to take your game to the next level.

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