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Your favorite sport is not the cause of your joint problems and pain. It’s not the activity that is the problem; it’s the body that you are bringing to the activity.

Sports by their very nature place large and unpredictable forces throughout the body. If muscles are not functioning correctly then joints go out of alignment and a joint out of alignment is a grinding, twisting joint.

The first and major symptom is that something does not feel ‘right’ or is not working properly. This can manifest as joint pain, muscle tension or instability of a joint: tight hamstrings, tight lower back, shin splints, aching knees, rotator cuff problems—these are signs of probable muscle dysfunction and joint mis-alignment.

General exercise or weight lifting programs are great for developing circulation, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, but such programs will do little to restore the structural alignment and symmetry of a dysfunctional and misaligned musculature.

So how do you prevent injury and elevate your game? >>

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